Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Emission and Smog Inspections

As a result Arkansas air pollution being emitted by cars and trucks the Department of Transportation and Department of Environmental Protection, have joined together and in implemented an emissions inspection program.

Testing the Emissions

As a result of this joint force to control air quality the state now requires all vehicles to have a yearly test. In an effort to help you stay abreast of your renewal date the state is stamping your renewal notice with emissions inspection required.

The price of emissions testing varies from station to station. You're encouraged to contact the station prior to having your emission test conducted to confirm the cost.

Failing the Emission Test

Any event, the cheered vehicle failed the test, you will be required to bring your vehicle up to standards. Your second test is free of charge, assuming you return to the same inspection station within a 30 day period.

In the event your vehicle fails for a second time, you may up flying for a waiver of one year, but are required to provide proof that 150 or more dollars were spent on emission repairs.

Vehicles Exempt from Emissions Testing

Motorcycles, as well as all registered antiques, street lives, or collectibles are exempt from emissions testing.

10 Day Extension

In the event you are out of state for 30 days or more when you're inspection comes do you have 10 days. Upon returning to the state of Pennsylvania, to have your vehicle’s emission tested. As proof of being out-of-state it is advisable that you maintain a written record such as receipts from your out-of-state trip.

Waivers Limited to Conditions

There Is an Opportunity to Receive a One-Year Waiver if he had spent $150 or more in repairs. But this is granted to you by a certified in emissions station. However, vehicles that have been tampered with or have had their emissions modified will not be considered for a waiver.

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