Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Driving Manuals

It is only possible to have good, conscientious drivers on the road if they are also correspondingly educated. This is fact that is recognized by the Arkansas state Motor Vehicle Division. That is also the background reasoning of the MVD and behind the publication of several different handbooks and driving manuals which provide information on the requirements to be met for acquiring driver’s licenses, safe driving and maintaining your vehicle. The handbooks cover many driving related topics in detail and provide tips for the written and driving tests. You do not even have to invest any money since the handbooks and manuals of the MVD are a free source of information and one that should be taken advantage of in any case. All you have to do is invest some of your time and put in some effort to learn all the information given.

There are several places where these driving manuals can be obtained, such as local MVD offices, extension sites or even online as free PDF downloads which can be opened and read with the Adobe Reader. Obtaining and reading these manuals will be the best way to start preparing for written and practical driving tests. All you will need to know of testing procedures is in the Driver License Manual and Customer Service Guide. For those that do not have total command of the English language, the manuals and handbooks are also available in Spanish.

There are also special manuals for those that want other kinds of driving licenses. There is, for example, the Motorcycle Operator Manual and the Commercial Driver’s License Manual. There is much information about safety, driving and special sections focusing on occupations like school bus drivers. The commercial driving manuals and handbooks are not yet fully online. However, the important sections are already available. For complete learning materials it will be necessary to ask for them at one of the MVD offices.


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