Sunday, March 30, 2008


How to Renew your CDL
The State of Illinois requires all drivers with CDL or commercial driver’s license to renew their licenses personally. This is because identity theft has been prevalent in the last years. Any Secretary of State in Illinois can help you with the renewal process but not all of them provide practical skills tests.
Bring these requirements when you apply for a CDL renewal:
1. Your previous license
2. Cash. This is for the application fees. The State of Illinois usually don’t accept debit or credit cards so come prepared.
The necessary fees to pay are as follows:
1. $60= the basic application fee
2. $5= Endorsement renewal fee or for any upgrade in classification. It is $5 each
Aside from the fees, you may also be required to:
1. Undergo a vision examination every time you renew
2. Written examinations. Although this is held every other renewal. Drivers will exceptionally clean records are exempt from this exam.
3. Skills test for those renewing their licenses who are over 75 years of age.
4. For those with hazmat endorsements, you must pass the hazmat endorsement test every CDL renewal.

For those who are required to take the CDL test again, it may be a good idea to keep up with the current manual for any changes or law revisions that may have been implemented since you last took the test. This is to ensure that you will pass your exam easily.
For drivers who have lost their old Illinois license, they must apply for a duplicate as soon as possible. Remember that you can’t apply for a CDL renewal if you do not have your old license with you. So make sure that you have the proper requirements at least a month before your CDL expires.
For drivers who have lost their licenses to theft however, you will have to bring the official police report file along with the application to the driver service office. You will also have to provide valid proofs of identity for them to process your application.
Proofs of identity vary so make sure to contact the personnel first on what documents will suffice when you apply for a replacement.
Also check with your local office about their service hours because some of the driver services offices are open during Saturdays but not on Mondays.

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