Tuesday, March 11, 2008



When doing any kind of business with motor vehicle departments in the fifty states you will have to fill out a form or application pertaining to the action you want to take. This is also true for the Arkansas state Motor Vehicle Division, or MVD for short. As a special service to their customers, the MVD is now offering many of the necessary forms and applications in a PDF format which can be found online. In order to do anything with these files you will need the free version of the Adobe Reader software. Once printed, you can fill them out at home. However, if that is not for you then all the forms are also still available at local MVD offices.

Not only can you nowadays download necessary forms without extra charges, but you can also complete many common transactions online. This is done directly on the MVD website and this is even more convenient since you do not have to save or print out any forms. Online transactions include renewing your vehicle registration, renewing your driver’s license, registering as a organ donor, submitting a notice of a vehicle being sold. There are also many other things that can be completed online with only a click of the mouse.

There are altogether more than 150 online forms available which can be downloaded for free from the MVD website. The following list contains only the most often used applications. However, this is not a complete list and you can also do a search for specific forms needed by entering the desired name, number or category.

· Application for Title and Registration

· Motor Vehicle Record Request

· Application for a Disability/Hearing Impaired Plate/Placard

· Power of Attorney

· Bill of Sale

· Request for Plate Refund Credit

· Lien Release

· Application for Special Plates

· Identification Requirements


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