Tuesday, March 11, 2008


If you have a custom-built car that is not more than 25 years must undergo the same procedures when it comes to titling, registration, and tagging of a regular vehicle. Some of the requirements that you must submit include the proof of insurance, your valid driver’s license issued at Georgia, and the payment for the appropriate taxes as well as fees. The standard title fee is only $18 and the registration fee is $20. However, there are no standard fees for the taxes and tags since it depends on your county.

A title cannot be issued to a vehicle unless it passed the emission tests and standards set by the state.

For those who own an antique vehicle or vehicles that are more than 25 years, you can apply for a special license plate. These plates can be issued anywhere in the state of Georgia.

If you want to know more about titling, registering or tagging your antique car or your custom-made car, you may contact and ask your local county tax commissioner. You may also ask the fees so you can prepare the amount before you head out to their office.

Registration Periods

Depending on the area where you are located, you can have any of the 3 registration periods available in the state. If your area have a year-round registration period, you must renew your vehicle registration annually at least thirty 30 days before your birthday.

In counties such as Stewart, Calhoun, Clay, Turner, Mitchell, Charlton, Randoph, and McIntosh, they have adopted a four-month registration system. Locals of these counties may renew their vehicle registration from the month of January until the month of April. This system is also known as the non-staggered registration. The last type of registration period is staggered registration where it is applicable only in Talbot County.

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