Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The state of Georgia has a lot to offer when it comes to preparation for the exams for those who wishes to acquire a driver’s license. This is definitely a great help for those who want to become a driver so that they may know the dos and the don’ts of driving. Some of the publications offered by the state of Georgia include the handbook as well as the manual. Both of the publications are given by the state for free. Locals of Georgia can drop by anytime at their local driver’s license office and grab a copy of the manual or the handbook. For some who have internet connection, they can download it online and have it printed if they want a copy in black and white.

However, the manual as well as the handbook can be read, saved, printed only if the user has an installed software called Adobe Reader. Some of the manuals that are available online are the Driver’s Manual for all the regular types of vehicle, the Motorcycle Operator Manual for those who want to drive a motorcycle, the Commercial Driver’s Manual for those who are applying as a commercial driver, and there is also a manual for the school bus drivers.

But the mentioned manuals above are limited only in English language. However, the written test can be taken in different languages aside from English. All of the locations in Georgia offer the same test printed in different versions. If you think that you already read and studied the manuals very well, then you are now ready to take a written test in your local driver’s license office. But before you can do so, you must first call the office and have a special schedule or appointment. You can’t directly proceed to the location without getting a schedule.

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