Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Registering Your Motorcycle

The process of registering a motorcycle in Arkansas is generally the same as that for a car or truck. The fees will be different, though. There is a flat fee for the title, a registration fee and an air quality research fee. These are minimal amounts and normally do no exceed $15. The most wide ranging fee is the vehicle license tax, or VLT, and this is calculated instead of a personal property tax that is charged by several states. The VLT is based upon the given manufacturer’s base retail price and then takes into consideration variable factors like the amortization. This results in a lower amount to pay for registration each year.

Calculating out this amount is simple math work. If you purchase a car that is worth $25,000 then the MVD will charge 60% of that amount and then reduce it by 16.25% for each subsequent year that the vehicle remains registered in Arkansas as depreciation. For vehicles registered prior to August 1, 1998 there will be a depreciation of 15%. This resulting number is then divided by 100 and then the MVD multiplies the quotient by $2.80 for a new vehicle or $2.89 for a used one. This means that a vehicle for $25,000 will have a vehicle license tax of $420 for the first year, $363.06 the second, and so on. It could hardly be simpler.

Those that own mobile homes will only have a $7 title fee.

Testing of Emissions

If your motorcycle has an engine size of more than 90cc than you are required to undergo emissions tests, but only or you are registered in the metropolitan area of Phoenix or in Tucson.

Renewing Your Registration

It is easy to renew your vehicle registration in the state of Arkansas. The MVD has an online renewal system and all you will need is your address and plate number to complete the process. It only takes a few minutes of your time and a credit card is required to pay the fees.


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